Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mun Paniya

This song is a personal favourite of mine. A beautiful melody with lovely lyrics, sung brilliantly and picturized so wonderfully. All come together as the perfect depiction of my favouritest emotion - that feeling of falling in love.

So I wanted to share it with you. Pardon my crude attempt at translating the lyrics. Had to do this on my own without my lovely friend K's help since technically I know Tamil better than her. Or should anyway. But while my comprehension might be better than hers, my composition is miserably lacking. In spite of being acutely aware of this, I've tried to wax poetic instead of translating verbatim in keeping with the spirit of the song. I hope I haven't made too much of a mess of it in the process, and that at least the essence of it comes across.
Mun paniya mudhal mazhaiya
Is it the early mist or the first rain
En manathil etho vizhukirathe
That is falling gently in my heart
Vizhukirathe uyir nanaigirathe
Falling and drenching my soul 

Puriyaatha ooravil nindraen
In this confusing relationship
Ariyaatha sugangal kandaen
I find unknown pleasures
Maattram thanthaval neethaanae
And it's all because of you

Yen idhayathai
My heart
Yen idhayathai valiyil
Engaeyo maranthu tholaithuvittaen
I misplaced my heart somewhere along the way
Un viliyinil
Your eyes
Un viliyinil athanai
Ippodhu kandupidithu vittaen
I've found it now in your eyes
Idhu varai yenakkillae mugavarigal
Till now I had no place to call home (literally mugavarigal is addresses)
Athai naan kandaen un punnagaiyil
I've found it now in your sweet smile
Vaalgiraen naan un moochilae...
And I live in your breath... 

Yen paadhaigal
My paths
Yen paadhaigal unathu vali paarthu vanthu mudiyuthadi
My paths all lead to you
Yen iravugal
My nights
Yen iravugal unathu mugam paarthu vidiya yenguthadi
My nights long to dawn to the sight of your face
Iravaiyum pagalaiyum maattrivittaai
You've changed my nights and my days
Yenakkul onnai nee oottrivittaai
Poured yourself into me
Moolginaen naan un kannilae...
And I drown in your eyes...  

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