Monday, 29 September 2014

The Road Not Taken

Spooky coincidence decreed that I should hear this particular poem in Robert Frost's own voice yesterday -- hear it just as I find myself at a fork in my own life.

Initiative is the one thing none can accuse me of. A drifter if there ever was one. Nearly every major turn in my life happened by, well happenstance. I choose by inaction. I'm doing the same now, more or less. Will it turn out to be the road less traveled by? Probably not. But I want it to be. Why? Because I want to be special. Because I want something different. Because..

Naanum veezhven endru ninaithayo?

You know what, it doesn't even matter. The road will be interesting because if it isn't, I will find a way to make it so. Yes, I will.

(How did I get from Frost to Bharathi to fucking Linkin Park?!)

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