Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I read a movie today

No, really. Read the script of Her. First time I've ever read a screenplay. It was interesting. Sort of like a play, I guess. Except I haven't read many pays either, so it was still a mostly new-ish experience. Since I've already seen the movie, I was able to "see" the scenes in my head, more or less. Wonder how well the script of a movie I haven't seen will translate.

I've never been very good at imagining settings. Whenever I encounter long descriptive passages in books about a place, my instinct is to skim and get to the parts about characters, their motivations, dialog, etc. Reading about a beautiful place doesn't transport me there, while reading about interesting characters almost always engages my imagination completely and puts me in the thick of the narrative. Since it seems like scripts deal more with the latter, I think they'll make for fascinating reading.

Only downside is the spoilers if I ever mean to see the film. Hmm. Maybe I'll pick a movie that I'm not really intending to see. Then if the script really excites me maybe that'll lead me to watching a good movie I would've missed out on otherwise.

Also there are plays aplenty that I haven't read. Maybe that's where I should start...

Anyway, in case you want to check out some of these scripts here is the link.

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