Saturday, 1 March 2014


Okay technically I didn't drink robotussin. It was Nyquil. But same diff. Also strictly speaking I've actually taken less than the recommended dose so I'm not really tripping on this stuff. But my head's spinning all the same.

Been one helluva long day. Went back to work after a week. Did fuck all there. Came back and put together my new TV stand. Bloody thing took me five times as long as the damn manual said it should. Granted I did it single-handedly instead of the minimum of two people that was recommended. Nay, better still, I did it with the added handicap of a particularly frisky kitty jumping around and over and on everything. So go me. My hand is raw as fuck though from all the screwing (tee hee). Really wish I had a power drill (that's what she said).

Less than 6 hours before I have to be up again. Hope the best buy dudes don't call me in like 3 hours to remind me of the scheduled delivery time.

But yay, I can finally watch my criterion blu-rays that I bought 2 years ago and these hindi DVDs I borrowed from the library and Princess Diaries. Woot woot.

I wonder if there really is going to be another winter storm tomorrow er tonight. I hope not. I really want to go check out that silent film festival if possible. I guess I can have my own film festival at home otherwise, but still.

I should probably stop rambling on pointlessly and try to get some sleep. Sleeping is such a drag. Such a waste of time. A third of our lives wasted. What a shame.

Ok goodnight. Let me see if I can add a picture of my handiwork...ta da! :)

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