Sunday, 6 September 2015


The promised sequel..

I wrote this while I was literally on the road. Meant to publish it as soon as I could find time and internet to add some media to provide context, but couldn't find the two together until just now.


Hiroshima to Fukayama - the gorgeous gorgeous expressway to the tune of Seadrum by Boredoms - the perfect marriage of sight and sound. Ah, bliss. I fucking love you Japan!

The swells of the song are so perfectly matched to what I'm seeing that it almost makes me wonder if it was written whilst the members of Boredoms were driving through this very route. Perhaps in a bus much like this one. Such a dear thought.

It's no wonder this country has produced some of the most amazingly creative minds. How can one live here and not be inspired! So wish I didn't have to leave here so soon.

When I came on this trip I thought it was probably my one and only chance to see Japan. But now I'm almost definitely coming back for another visit. Or three.  Heck I'd live here forever if I could. Now there's an idea...


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