Saturday, 1 February 2014


Edit: This description doesn't really apply anymore (I'm still writing randomly as before but not addressing it to anyone in particular now). But I shall leaving it here for posterity as a reminder of how it all started. 

So what is this blog all about? Glad you asked.

Basically, this is going to be a blog addressed to Shahid Kapoor. Yeah, I know you'll probably never read this but still...ok, let's say pretend addressed to, if that makes you me feel better.

Also I'm calling myself shanotic. That's meant to be a play on shanatic. As in I'm not a shanatic. 

"So wait," you say, "are you then making a blog to diss me if you're not a fan?" 

Not at all. I'm just too old and not silly enough to count myself a fanatic/shanatic/whatever. No unconditional love here, I'm afraid. However, I do find you fascinating and find myself mildly obsessing over you lately. At around the same time, I took it into my head to give writing a go (for personal reasons I won't go into here and now), but I find it hard to keep a diary which no one will read. I need an audience, you see, even if it is only an imaginary one. That is where you come in.

Even though these posts/letters are purportedly addressed to you, chances are they'll say more about me than you. I do, however, mean to try and post as little as possible about myself and keep the focus on general topics, and also some related to you and your work. Hopefully, this will gain me an actual audience for this blog, by and by. And if it does do that, a word of warning to whoever reads this - this is not the place to find news/photos of Shahid Kapoor. Plenty of other places out there on the interweb to serve your needs (and mine, too ;)) in that regard. 

So, dear Shahid, prepare yourself for a lot of rambling to/at/about you. 

And before I wrap up this intro post, let me take a moment to thank you for a couple of things: 
a) for the inspiration to finally create a damn blog, however silly it might be, and 
b) for helping me better my hindi understanding skills.

I was going to say brush up my hindi in general, but I bet I will still suck at speaking it. But hey, at least I can follow it better now thanks to watching your movies and countless interviews, which has, in turn, lead me to an avenue of cinema (bollywood) that I hadn't really explored much heretofore due to the language barrier (a side note here - some specimens of said cinema appear to be quite superior to your own output, but more on that later). 

So again, thank you Shahid Kapoor (shamelessly trying a little SEO in the hopes that maybe you'll find this blog one day...a girl woman can dream, right?)

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