Thursday, 27 February 2014

I saw a movie today...

Raanjhanaa. Have mixed feelings about it. Maybe writing about it seconds after it ended isn't the best thing to do. Need to mull over it a bit. I will say though that Dhanush reinforced my admiration for his art yet again. He's always been the one Tamil actor in recent times that truly becomes the part he plays every time (that I've seen anyway). From Aadukalam to Mariyaan to Raanjhanaa now the man consistently wows me. This movie would've been worth watching if only for him, but I think it also had other things going for it. But no, not now. Perhaps later, after a rewatch.

I definitely have to rewatch if only to catch all the bits I missed thanks to trying to keep up with the lightning fast subtitling. How I wish I understood Hindi well enough to not need them.

In other news, I made rasam today (comfort food ftw) and also did something productive. By which I mean I did something for someone else. Actually came up with a good idea or two. Feels good to know my brain still works. What's even better is to be acknowledged for it.

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