Monday, 17 February 2014

Thinking Out Quietly

I often find myself thinking out loud to myself in my head. It's like there are two of me - one who feels wordlessly, and another who is constantly trying to put into words and make sense of what the former is feeling.

Why do I feel the need to do that, I wonder. Why can't I just feel and not try to describe the experience? This doesn't always happen concurrently. Sometimes I think much after the fact. But there are times when I catch myself trying to put into words my experience of something while I am still in the process. This tends to take me out of the moment and I have to have a word with myself about not distracting me.

It's like I am a reporter without a recording device who has to put things down right then and there or risk forgetting. Who am I writing these articles for anyway? Do I even glance back at them once they have been thought out quietly? I guess that's where this blog comes into play.

Here's one such thought about last night:

Driving down silent deserted roads
Watching the full moon cast a glow 
Over eerie fields of pure white snow
Calms my bones, makes me smile
And yet
I sigh

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