Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Death makes me happy

I love Terry Pratchett. Discworld is my favouritest place in the universe to go to to cheer myself up. And Death is one of my favouritest characters ever. The most adorable character ever for sure. Yes, I said adorable. We are told that Death loves cats, but to me he seems a lot like one himself. As curious as a cat, especially about humans, and yet quite removed from their petty concerns. He sees right through people (even though he is described as being the one who is unseen) and is brutally honest, but without the least notion of hurting. A most interesting character through whose eyes (figurative, of course, since he has none in the literal sense) we get to view  the world and its mores. 

So far I've read about dozen or so Discworld novels. Mort, which is the first in the Death series, is naturally my favourite. But, I also really love the Tiffany Aching books, Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky. I think they are supposed to be young adult books, but this old child finds them immensely relatable. One trait of Tiffany's I especially identify with is her Second Thoughts - thinking about thinking about something. I catch myself doing this a lot. And when I do, I end up in the weird(er) world of Third Thoughts, and things get really confusing and tangled up really fast. But then I remember Tiffany and Discworld and all its wonderful inhabitants and all is right with the world again. 

Which makes me think now is a good time to get started on the City Watch series since Hamlet has been laid aside again thanks to the less than perfect hold I have over my faculties of late. Somehow I haven't read a single book in the Watch series so far even though I've heard that it is usually tied with the Death series in Discworld enthusiasts' estimation. That's as strong a recommendation as any for me since everyone who loves Pratchett is immediately A-ok in my eyes. 

Speaking of which, I have to tip my hat to Samyogita, whose blog post here (which has some choice quotes of and about Death) is what inspired me to blather on as I have here. Oh, and please don't let my rambling dissuade you from giving Pratchett a go (something that has sadly happened in the past). Instead read Mort and thank me later.

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