Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Com Truise - Wave 1 (EP)

I was originally thinking I'd write about Cults, tonight's opening act for Pixies. But they weren't very remarkable. I mean, they were decent but I think I would've enjoyed them more if I'd been more familiar with their material.

So instead, I've decided to post about Com Truise's new EP. Com Truise is an electronic music producer who makes really cool 80s inspired chillwave/synthpop that he calls “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk”. Whatever the tags, it is really good music. His new EP, Wave 1, is now available to stream for free on pandora (I don't recommend listening there unless you're already a user) and also on soundcloud (see below).

I started listening on pandora (god that site has gone to shit) but the stupid site only let me listen to 4 tracks before demanding that I register before listening to the rest. I really enjoyed those 4 tracks, however, and will probably getting a copy of the EP when I see Com Truise live next week (woot). Check it out:

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