Sunday, 2 February 2014

On bad movies and good directors

Just got done watching yet another blah movie of yours, Shahid. Third one in a row. Makes me sad, dude. You clearly have talent. But just not for choosing the right script seemingly. Maybe you should get someone else to do that for you. I dunno, man.

I am glad that you're working with Vishal Bhardwaj again. He ought to be able to get the best out of you. I still haven't seen Kaminey in full. Just clips and songs so far (I'm saving it for last with good reason). But it definitely looks like your best work. So I'm really looking forward to catching Haider on the big screen when it releases. I hope it will have a wide release so I don't have to drive too far to see it.

Also speaking of Vishal Bhardwaj, I mean to devote an entire post to him but only after I watch Kaminey and his other films. However, just based on the little I've seen (and heard! the man composes some great music as well) of his work and this one interview of his that I read, I have immense respect for him already. And I'm totally jealous of you for having access to him to pick his brains and learn from him. I hope you appreciate your good fortune in this regard.

I shall go listen to the title track from Kaminey now before I read myself to sleep. It's become a nightly ritual for me. Love love love the lyrics and the way Vishal has sung it.

Kabhi zindagi se maanga, pinjre mein chaand la do,
Kabhi laanten deke, kaha aasmaa pe taango

Side note: I say nightly but it's almost dawn. Yikes. There goes my hope that this week I will finally turn my schedule around and stop staying up all night. I should just resign myself to my natural state of night owl-itutde already.

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