Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Stuck at home whilst the skies dumped over a foot of snow on us today. You are probably seeing a lot of snow in Kashmir as well. But you surely have a far far better view than me. Wish I could visit Kashmir. Someday perhaps. So many places to see and so much to do still. 

Am in a contemplative frame of mind today. Been tossing around the idea of writing a poem or piece of some sort using winter as a metaphor. A certain phrase has been stuck in my head and I want to make something of it -

lost in layers

Came to me in the shower a few days ago (shower along with the time in bed before falling asleep seem to be the most fertile times for my imagination..dunno why) and I want to write something with it as inspiration but am too scared and lazy to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard. Now my mind is wandering again thinking about how sad it is that no one really writes handwritten notes anymore. But that's another ramble for another day. 


  1. nutty, that picture is truly scary. beautiful, yes. but scarily so.

    as for writing a poem - you just have to start, perhaps with just that line, and see where it takes you. imho, poetry, more than other kinds of writing, has its own creative potential...

    some poets even say that their poems have an intent of their own; they just need the poet's voice to be told. and once in a while, when that voice is greatness, just 7 short lines can be so potent... don't you think?


  2. The picture was taken before it finished snowing. There was still plenty more to shovel by the next morning.

    Poem - I guess I just have to see if the muse strikes me again. I don't really connect with poetry the way you do. When I do it's the exception rather than the rule. That particular poem though, you've shared with me before and I get it. It is powerful in its simplicity.