Monday, 10 February 2014

The Floozies

So funk won the day and I went and saw The Floozies on Saturday night. The opening acts were decent and godawful, respectively. Seriously, the second opener who was from Detroit made me want to tear my ears out. I would have run out for the duration of his set if it weren't bloody cold outside. As it was, I betook myself to furthest corner from the stage and tried to occupy myself with reading random stuff on my phone while my innards were getting pounded by the pointlessly heavy bass.

However, The Floozies made up for it big time with a really rocking show. They're two brothers, a drummer and a producer/guitarist/frontman, who play some really cool retro sounding but still original electro-funk that's a whole lot of fun, especially live. They also brought in a guest saxophonist who I think should become a part of the band because he took the music to another level. The show was sold-out and I didn't see a single person who wasn't at least moving around a little if not straight out shaking it. It was a little disappointing to see the lack of appreciation for the drummer and the saxophonist in the second half of the set, when the music was less danceable than in the beginning. I personally enjoyed this part a lot and found it much more interesting. Not that dancing to the funkiness wasn't fun, but I like a little depth to my music. Overall, a very enjoyable show and I would definitely go see them again if I get the chance. No regrets on my choice for the evening.

Here's one of the best tracks from their newest album, which incidentally is available for free download here:

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