Monday, 3 February 2014

Dhating Naach

Damn this dhating naach step! It looks so simple but when I try to do it I keep fucking it up. But I will persevere and master it one day! It is a fun song to dance to though.

Interesting mix of this song and Gandi Baat for the Star Guild awards performance. Couldn't really enjoy it thanks to the awful editing. Why must they ruin a good performance with stupid freeze frames and sweeping camera angles and such? It's all very well for performances by stars who can't really dance well, but a Shahid Kapoor act needs no such trickery imo. Still parts of it that they let us see did make me go wow. Just wish I could catch a live performance someday. Wonder if you will perform at IIFA this year. I know you're hosting. Either way those ticket prices are way too exorbitant. I can fly to India and back for less ffs.

Anyway, back to dhating  dhating dhating dhating dhating dhating dhating naach!

Ooh I think I see now why was messing up the step before. The bent leg is behind and the straight one is ahead. I shall try again in the morning. It will be a good way to start the day/week :)

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