Saturday, 22 February 2014


Finally caved in and created a twitter account. Mainly because I found myself checking a few people's twitter feeds obsessively multiple times a day and figured creating an account and following them would be easier than typing in their names into the address bar each time.

I thought I'd use it just for the aforementioned purpose, and to occasionally talk to myself because why would anyone follow me (none of the friends I'd feel comfortable sharing it with are on twitter afaik). But, lo and behold! not 5 minutes after I created the account and after just one "Hello world" tweet, I already had a follower. Heh. Not going to follow you back, random person, if that was your aim.

So now I have two places where I am essentially talking to myself, but I know in the back of my mind that someone could be reading what I write. Which in turn makes me self-conscious even though the whole point of writing anonymously is to free myself of that curse. Ugh.

With this blog that's not entirely true since I have been "forced" to share it with some friends. But those friends are ones whom I have no (or at any rate, very little) inhibitions with anyway. No, they're not the someone I'm referring to here. It's you. I know you're out there, random readers of my blog. My page view counter inches up slowly, but surely with every post. Unless you're just web that's a sobering thought. =/

Wait, you say, why is it so disappointing if no one reads this? Weren't you just complaining about how having readers makes you uncomfortable? Yes, and no. I do want readers. What I'm complaining about is my own, um, shyness that I find hard to overcome even under cover. Is it shyness or vanity, I wonder...

Anyway, at the end of the day, I'm glad I made this blog. I do find myself genuinely looking forward to writing every day and that's all that matters.

/random stream of consciousness post

To make up for (or perhaps match) that mess of a post, let me end with Doseone's cryptic lyrics in this cool track:

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