Saturday, 15 February 2014

Jab We Met

The one that started it all for me. What better movie to watch and post about on Valentine's Day (well, technically it is past the 14th, but whatever).

When I first heard about this movie years ago, the name of the film prejudiced me against. I thought it must be a crappy, cheesy, grating rom-com like so many others. Don't get me wrong, I do watch such cheesy rom-coms from time to time. But I need to be in a certain frame of mind and even then I prefer it when they are not too crappy. This one, I figured, wasn't one I'd be interested in. Besides, I hardly ever watched Hindi movies aside from the time at uni when I'd watch with my roommates (bugging them to tell me what was going on every so often when they happened to be subtitle-less). So that was that.

Cut to last year when I happened to come across this movie again when I was particularly bored and in the mood for a mindless chick flick. I was captivated before I was more than a fifth of the way in. When that scene at the Hotel Decent came along, I was totally in love with this movie. By the way, who is that dude who plays the hotel keeper? He made quite an impression in just one 3 minute scene!

My favourite part of the movie is that scene where Aditya says goodbye to Geet in Manali, walks away, then turns around and smiles quietly to himself. That scene is the best depiction of unrequited love that I have seen in movies. In the second half, of course, we see the usual martyrdom aspect that movies so love to portray. But I guess that was necessary to drive the drama and at any rate it was done far more subtly than is usual (the scene where Aditya turns around after leaving Geet with Anshuman gets me every time).

Oddly enough the one scene that didn't really work for me was the climax kiss and hug. Somehow felt like there was no chemistry at all between the two when they finally got together even though they were quite crackling for the whole of the film until then. Even in the hotel room scene in Shimla there was palpable tension despite that cheesy porn music (seriously, what were the director and music director thinking? it almost completely took me out of the movie). But, I can overlook that and just dream up a better scene.

This is one movie I can watch over and over (and have too). A feel good movie that never fails me. Even when I'm in the mood to feel sad in a good sort of way. If that makes sense...

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